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Premium Espresso Martini Mix- 1 Liter

Premium Espresso Martini Mix- 1 Liter


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Containing 80% espresso, this mix adds the robust taste of premium coffee beans to any mixed drink you make. Use it for espresso martinis and coffee-flavored specialty drinks served frozen or on the rocks. Since it's pre-mixed and ready to use, this espresso martini mix helps save valuable prep time.

With its bold espresso flavor and rich color, it's perfect for creating a variety of new cocktails and mixed drinks.Each bottle of this drink mix is specially-designed to reduce drips and keep your area free of spills and messes. The long bottle neck and easy pouring top help provide a perfect pour every time, while the closure cap solves the problem of storing unused portions. 

CLE Party Rentals LLC assumes no responsibility for the mishandling or consumption of alcohol. The following recipe simply lists one of our favorites and does not imply a recommendation to serve alcohol.

Cleveland Frozen Espresso Martini (2.5 Gallons)


   - 80 oz Espresso Martini Drink Mix

   - 40 oz Vodka

   - Ice Cubes (as needed for blending)


      - Coffee Beans (optional)


      - Pour the espresso martini drink mix and vodka into the slushie machine.

      - Add ice cubes to facilitate the freezing process.

      - Blend until it reaches a slushie consistency.

      - Pour into martini glasses.

      - Optionally, garnish with a few coffee beans on top.

      - Serve and enjoy this simplified Cleveland Frozen Espresso Martini!

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